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5 Awesome Makeup Hacks That Can Save Your Day

by RaihanGardiner

Being a makeup junkie, you probably know a ton of secrets and hacks that can literally save the day! However, there is still a chance that some of tricks, like the ones described below, are those you haven’t heard of or tried as yet. 

Foundation First!

This hack surely isn’t an unknown one! It did not take long for women to find out how amazingly it works when you applied foundation first, before any concealer. It became obvious to many, the fact that a foundation, just like the term implies, works like a perfect base that you should put on after your moisturizer, and before anything else – a concealer in particular. If you’ve got redness, paleness, and discoloration that you want to cover up – a good foundation is just what you need to apply, first!

Melt Your Pencil Liner

Does your pencil eyeliner keep skipping or tugging at your skin every time you run it over your lid? This should not happen especially if your liner has got a creamy texture to it. One of the coolest hacks to make your pencil work smoothly and beautifully, just the way it should, is to use some heat to melt it down just a little bit. Try this and you not only get a smooth finish, but also a gorgeous colour on your already flawless skin! 

Use White Eyeliner for a little Extra!

Did you know that using some white eyeliner on your lid can make your eyeshadow look brighter and more vibrant. Many swear that this little trick does wonders when you want to get a little bit of a sheer finish on your eyes. The white base will reflect any colour with a pop, and make it look intense, no matter what shade you pick!

Outline Your Eye Before Winging It!

Does it feel like an eternal struggle, getting your wing right? You definitely are not alone. Instead of sitting there for ages, and failing multiple attempts, try drawing the outline of your eye and then filling it in. Start off by drawing an extended line along your lower lash line. Then, draw your upper lash line starting from the flick, all the way through.

Make sure you decide on the thickness before you start with step 2. Once you’ve made the outlines, you can start filling it in carefully. Always try to get the best eye makeup you can because it’s important if you want these little tricks to work properly. Shop the Kind Collective’s face makeup collection to find your essentials at affordable prices. 

Shield Your Eyelid with a Spoon

Do you almost always get mascara swiped on your flawlessly finished eyes? If you’ve felt like a victim of this repeatedly, the spoon hack is just for you. Place a tea spoon in a way so it hugs your eye lid and apply mascara in the usual manner. Work the mascara wand freely until your lashes look perfect because any residue from it will be left on the spoon, and your eyelids will remain untouched and protected! 

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