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5 Tips to Keep Kids Engaged at Lessons

by RaihanGardiner

Keeping kids engaged through lessons is more or less, the biggest challenge teachers have every day. Of many things you can adapt to deal with this, here are the top 5 that should work out really well. 

Teach Through Games

You do not need to wrack your brains to come up with games to incorporate in teaching and learning. Whether it’s to do with language and you want fun ways to teach grammar, or whether it is mathematics, there are incredibly simple yet super fun activities and games you can include as you try to teach your kids concepts, principles, theories, and everything in between.

If you wish, you could even invent your own game, which might be a lot more fun as kids will find it new and exciting. Games can make the whole learning process effective, and less challenging for teachers.

Let Them Make Choices

This is something all teachers should be doing whenever they can. No matter how much the education system seems to have evolved today, there are still some environments where Students are made to feel highly restricted and that they do not have a say. This often results in them lacking motivation and becoming passive where learning takes place.

Instead, allow your kids to make simple choices – about which poem to pick and why, or here they would like to do their reading (outdoors etc), or whether they should finish an activity in class or take it home (as homework). Letting them make the simplest choices can make them feel more involved, which can prevent lack of interest and boredom.

Group Them

You might feel that this sort of thing can be chaotic with some age groups. However, keep in mind that there is a lot of learning and experiences taking place amidst all the chaos, and above all, they enjoy it whatsoever! Working in a group is great for kids to improve on communication, interact with different personalities, and stay engaged over longer periods of time. In other words, there are fewer chances of them getting bored.

Encourage Movements

Sitting still is one thing little kids cannot do. It is one of the key reasons why they get bored and restless, too. Moving around should help them stay active and interested, and prevent their minds from wandering. Games and group work should encourage movement naturally. If not, try and come up with prompt excuses (such as getting each of them to come up to the board and write a word) so they have a chance to get on their feet, move around, and come back to their seats in a couple of minutes.

These are little things you can do very promptly the moment you notice your kids yawning away and fidgeting in their seats. 

Use Lods of Hands-on Activities

It does not matter what age group your kids belong to; hands-on activities are amazing when it comes to keeping them engaged and making learning highly effective. Choose activities to suit the age group – cutting, sticking, painting, or simply sorting – anything they can touch and feel with their own hands.

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