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Bathroom Style Tips You Should Try Out On Your Next Remodel

by RaihanGardiner

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home. It is where you prepare and freshen up for the day and where you could get a peaceful retreat after a long busy day. This is one of the best reasons why you should also beautify your home’s bathroom from time to time especially when you think that it’s starting to look outdated and dull. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, here are some tips you could try out to make this space a perfect and peaceful sanctuary.

Add a Free-Standing Tub

A warm bath after a long day is definitely soothing to the soul. A soaking tub is one of the basic ingredients of a luxury bathroom, making it a perfect addition to your home bathroom if you want to experience a spa-like feel every day. There are plenty of types to choose from. Copper, brass and cast iron are the most popular if you want bath water to retain heat longer.

You could also opt for fiberglass and acrylic for affordable options, although these types fade through time. Wood and stone tubs look elegant but requires more maintenance to keep them looking good. No matter what type of bathtub you’re looking for, choose only the best brands like these tubs from bathroomsupplies.com.au.

Add Heat into the Bathroom

Nothing beats the comfort of a warm bathroom. You could start by installing radiant heat floors in your bathroom. It feels really comfortable to step on warm tile or marble floor after showering or a bath. You don’t need to change flooring to achieve this. All you need is to install a radiant heat system into your bathroom floor and feel the change. If you have a bigger bathroom space, you could also add a small fireplace and arrange some comfy chairs or a chaise lounge where you could relax and warm up after a shower or bath.

Install a Steam Shower or Sauna

A steam shower or sauna instantly transforms any bathroom into a luxurious one. You could choose either from the two or have both of them if you have wider bathroom space. There are plenty of steam showers in the market and each of them have different features such as massage jets and acupressure jets. You could also opt for a sauna to create a perfect place where you could relax at the comfort of your home.

Update the Lighting

The lighting choices you make for the bathroom has a huge impact in its style and ambience. Aside from ambient light, you should also install accent lights as well as task lights to provide the right kind of lighting in certain spaces in your bathroom. Lighting also helps create the ambience you want for your bathroom.

Those are just some of the few ways to make your bathroom more beautiful and functional on your next bathroom remodel. Be sure to plan it out wisely to enjoy a lovely design that you’d love for a long time.

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