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Dos and Don’ts of Ballet

by RaihanGardiner

Ballet is one of the most physically and mentally strenuous forms of dance that there is in the world. Ballet requires you to spend long periods of time on the little bones on your tiptoes. The pressure can be so overwhelming that many ballerinas often develop bone deformities when practicing their craft. This level of dedication isn’t exactly easy to muster up so that is why we have accumulated a list of recommendations so that you may be able to go along faster and more safely on your ballet journey.

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So, what are some of the dos and the don’ts of going to ballet class? One of the most important recommendations is that you should be early to class. Not just to speak to the instructor and fine tune technique, but to put away your personal belongings, get into your ballet attire, as well as to do stretches before you get into the meat of the routine. Of course, you don’t need to be too early for the class. Even if you don’t have time to come very early to class, just make sure that you’re not always very later to class, because not only does it not look good, but your techniques will also suffer from it.

You should also wear the appropriate clothing. If you’ve seen ballet, you will know that it is a very movement intensive dance style. You as well as your clothes are going to be stretched to the absolute limit as you do the various ballet movements over and over again. In order to facilitate this, you want to make sure that you wear form fitting leggings so that you aren’t being inhibited. Wearing things like denim, or sweatpants may be comfortable, but you won’t be able to reach a full range of motion in them and that is not good for you.

You should also definitely be proactive. If you want to be an excellent ballerina, then you need to take the initiative to learn more, practice more and be more socially savvy in class. No one’s going to hand the opportunities to you on a silver platter, you really do need to step up and take them.

Make sure that you don’t begin your dancing in street clothes. This means that you can’t be wearing denim and a lot of jewelry etc. You also can’t dance in street shoes. If you try to dance in a pair of converse not only will you ruin the shoes but you will undeniably ruin your feet too. Ballet shoes are specifically made to accommodate your feet in a way that enables you to perform those incredibly difficult feats of physical contortion. And finally, ensure that you aren’t a distraction. When in class focus completely on the ballet and not on chatting to your friends.

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