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Fulfilling basic needs is a necessity

by RaihanGardiner

Human beings, the most advanced type of organism known until date. The world has so many species of organisms. There are unicellular organisms and multicellular organisms as well. All these different types of species live in the world peacefully due to a natural balance in the environment. There are few basic needs common for all the organisms.

Water and oxygen are basic needs of all organisms. No organism can survive without water, as most of the functions of organisms are carried out by water. When we bring up oxygen, there are few unicellular orgasms which can survive without oxygen, they are called anaerobic organisms.

Consuming nutrients can be the most basic need in all the organisms. Even unicellular organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa requires a form of nutrient to survive. Multicellular organisms consume nutrients as food because they have a developed gastrointestinal tract. When the food enters the gastrointestinal tract, it goes to the stomach and digestion takes place there. After digestion, the digested nutrients enter the blood and goes to the organs which require nutrients. The undigested food particles come out of the body through defecation.

Shelter is also a most important need when it comes to humans. It’s very difficult for humans to survive in different weather conditions. Humans require a good shelter to protect them from harm.

The next basic need is reproduction. Reproduction can be known in two ways. In human, it’s called as sex and in animals it’s called as mating. This is essential for maintaining the continuity of life. When we mention sex in humans, there can also be some amount of pleasure gained by this activity, it also relives stress. When people attain a certain age, there are so many hormonal changes in the body, so it requires them to want to have the happiness which sex gives. Not everyone has partners, they can still gain this happiness and relive their stress using sex toys. Anyone can purchase sex toys online. It is a basic need and a much-needed relief in stressful lives.

These are the basic need every organism need for their survival. Occasionally, there is so much competition to fulfill these needs in a place where there are numerous orgasms present in a small area of land. Sporadically, this competition for survival can lead to death of an organism. Survival of the fittest is the correct sentence in such situation. There are limited amount of resources, only the strongest organism will remain in the end by beating the weakest ones.

As humans in modern world we work hard to get the basic needs. We spend so much time and money building a beautiful home to get shelter. We also spend on food to get the best and nutritious food so that we can get enough nutrients and maintain a healthy life. Not only that, but we get married to our loved ones to fulfill the need of sex and reproduce our generation. When all of these are balanced in one’s life, they’re able to live a happy and healthy life.

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