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How to Keep a Swimming Pool Safe to Swim In

by RaihanGardiner

A swimming pool is one of the best add-ons you could have in your backyard. It serves as a perfect place to relax especially during the summer months and could be even used for family bonding and entertaining guests. While it could really make your backyard more appealing and welcoming, having a pool also requires a significant amount of cleaning and maintenance. You need to clean it thoroughly every week so it is clean and safe to swim in.

While you can just hire a professional poo cleaning service, it can be costly to maintain given the frequency of cleaning schedules. Cleaning a pool isn’t that complicated and you can do it by yourself if you have time. Here are some ways on how to keep your pool a safe place to swim in.

Raking and Vacuuming

If you have plants or trees near the pool, it is common for leaves and twigs to get into the water. Keep your pool clean by raking and vacuuming regularly. A rake refers to the scoop you could use to remove those leaves and twigs that are still floating on the pool surface. You can use a vacuum to clear those debris that have already settled at the bottom of the pool.


A skimmer refers to the rectangular openings at the side of the pool. It takes in surface water to collect the debris and pollutants in the water before it sinks down to the pool. If your pool has a skimmer, you need to check and clean the basket at least once a week.


Through time, dirt and algae can build up at the walls and floor of the pool. This can make your pool look dull even if the water is clean and fresh. Before vacuuming, it is best to brush the sides and walls of the pool first. All the removed debris will then sink to the bottom of the pool, making it easier to vacuum and clean.

Cleaning the Filter

As you run the pump for your pool, the water gets into the filter and lots of dirt and tiny particles get stuck to the filter. Through time, the dirt will build up on the filter which lessens the efficiency of the pump. You’ll notice that the water will look cloudy or even greenish if the filter is really dirty. Be sure to check and clean the pool filters once a week for a clear and pristine looking pool.


Lastly, shocking your pool with pool chemicals is an essential way to kill all those microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and other organisms in the water. This step involves adding a significant amount of chlorine in the water to raise the free chlorine level to the point where those organisms are killed. After shocking the pool, run the pump and wait for at least 24 hours or when the chlorine level is already around 5ppm before swimming in it again.

Keep your loved ones safe as they have fun in the water by keeping your pool clean and well maintained.

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