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Methods of Evaluating Hazards in Ground Control

by RaihanGardiner

There is considerable economic growth related to mining. However, there are a lot of potential hazards in this industry and worker safety comes first. In addition to keeping workers safe, the equipment and raw materials have to be kept safe from theft and all equipment used in the mine has to be tested to ensure they can withstand the extreme conditions of the mine.

GSE ground support equipment are used extensively to secure the conditions of the mine. But these ground support equipment need to be tested for effectiveness as well. In addition to such equipment, you need to think about other equipment such as cameras that should be tested to ensure they are customised to the mining operations. Any cables used should be secured against damage by using airtight or waterproof material. There are engineering personnel who recommend and oversee the drilling and attaching of cables to the rock. There should be experienced and knowledgeable personnel appointed from the beginning of the mining operations to ensure the safety of the employees. One of the aspects that should be looked into is access control to the mine. This will enable the mining company to admit only personnel who have the right training, medical checks and are knowledgeable of the right safety protocols into the mine. To ensure that the employees stay on top of their training, there are licenses issued to work in the mine that has an expiry date. They will need to retake the training and renew the license after this date. 

There are also many government regulations that should be followed to maintain the security level of the mine. In addition to security measures, there should be strategies in place to reduce production downtime and decrease any losses in infrastructure. There are many methods that can be used to increase the productivity of workers. There should be a monitoring team that is aware of the location of the workers at all times. There can be cards enabled with tracking that all workers can carry so that they can be accounted for whenever there is an emergency in the mine. The tracking should be enabled for a considerable range so that no worker will be out of monitoring range. There can be tagging stations that are created just for this purpose. This will allow the monitoring team to know how many workers are in the mine at all times and the areas where each worker is in. Tracking of workers will be carried out by access control systems, RFID systems and sensors along with round the clock surveillance.

The area that the employees are working in should be monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of the employees and the working conditions. There is continuous video surveillance that will enable the control team to monitor to view any accidents when they happen and expedite the response time for accidents. This surveillance can also deter the theft of equipment and raw materials. Mining operations occur over a large area so video surveillance can be integrated with radar to enable long range.

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