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The Hottest Ladies’ Hair Trends of 2022

by RaihanGardiner

Hair is a key component of the beauty industry. Having frizzy, disorganized and dishevelled hair is not a good look for 2022. Hair trends are forever changing and evolving. We have seen what is in and out over the years from the not so old pixie cut to the age old retro blonde buns.

But this year there are some looks that have emerged to take the beauty industry by storm and most of these trends are being spotted on celebrities in Hollywood. Who doesn’t want to have iconic hair this year? Here are the hot and heavy hair trends for you to watch out for this year:

Sleek & Wild

Having a sleek front and a looser back is totally in this 2022. There are so many variations to try out with this particular look. You can go with a basic high ponytail. From a straightened down and tamed front to the back being full of wavy or wild curls flowing over. You can try it out with buns, middle parts, side parts and be hot on the trend scale this season.

Go Shaggy

The shaggy hairdo is one that has been recently spotted on America’s well-known sweetheart, Taylor Swift. This look has swarmed up on social media! It is basically an extremely layered cut which works on pretty much any hair type, length and you can even add in some bangs to give it an extra oomph! Another positive on this style is that it is quite low-maintenance and gives off a calm and collected vibe to anyone who sees you.

The New Era Rachel Haircut

We all know the one of a kind fashionista Rachel Green from the hit TV show Friends (At least I would hope you know). She was not only known for her impeccable style, but also for her timeless hair styles. Blow-dried layers are the way to go with this look.

Have it at a shoulder length with longer curls at the end! Make sure to use a straightener for the top to give it a classy and sleek look and a bouncy blow-dried curl at the bottom. Moreover, ensure to use the best in the business. For example, GHD hair straighteners are backed by innovative technology that can help you achieve the look you desire!

Bangs are Back

That’s right, bangs have made a comeback in 2022. Curtain bangs, asymmetric and bottleneck bangs in particular are all the rage in the hair industry this time around. You can keep it soft or blunt, side swept or textured, whichever way you choose, it will always remain ultra-trendy.

For various types of hair, it is best to use particular products to keep it in place. For example, for textured hair ensure to use styling cream and gently twist hair-strands around your fingers and release. On the other hand, use some hairspray and blow-dry straight to make sure it stays well in place and looks amazing!

Try out these trends and make your hair iconic in 2022!

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