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What to Expect from a Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Service

by RaihanGardiner

Post construction cleaning is very important in any building project. This will clean and prepare the site for occupancy. You need to select cleaning companies that have specialised expertise and proper tools and equipment to address the unique challenges of construction residue, debris and dust.

There has to be a comprehensive cleaning plan

So that the cleaning crew understand the specific needs of your project. You can contact Wheatley And Sons so that they can visit the site and carry out a thorough evaluation. This will give them a good idea of the level of cleaning needed. They will identify which areas have construction debris, accumulation of dust and potential safety hazards. They will then prioritise the tasks based on the sequence of work and urgency. Critical areas will be addressed by them first. This will include removing large debris and cleaning surfaces in detail. There are specialised tools and equipment along with techniques to clean post-construction sites. These tools are necessary to remove construction debris and dust particles from many different surfaces. For example, fine dust and particles can be removed by industrial grade high powered vacuums that are equipped with HEPA filters. There are floor scrubbers and polishers that can clean hard surfaces like tile, concrete and hardwood floors and restore them. These equipment can remove stubborn grim and dirt in no time.

There are cleaning agents that are industry approved

And professional cleaners will know all about this. They will use these cleaning agents along with disinfectants on different surfaces. They will know which products are suited to which materials so that damage to materials can be prevented. There is a lot of dust and debris to be removed when it comes to post-construction cleaning. Surface cleaning is carried out and this includes walls, floors, ceilings and fixates. These will be dust and wiped down so that construction dust and residue can be removed. There will be streaks and dust on glass, windows and mirrors. You need to clean to improve transparency and visibility. There will also be air duct cleaning services offered by professional cleaners. This way, dust and debris from HVAC systems can be removed so that indoor air quality can be improved.

Post-construction also include detailed cleaning of fittings, fixtures etc.

Light fixtures and bulbs are to be cleaned so that brightness can be improved.  Doors, door frames and handles should be wiped down so that dirt, fingerprints etc. are removed. Cabinets, storage units and shelves should be cleaned and dusted so that they are ready to use. Flooring has to be cleaned so that its appearance can be restored. Depending on the material of flooring, the cleaning method and treatment will vary. This will include carpet cleaning, cleaning hard surfaces like marble, tile and hardwood as well as  cleaning grout lines and sealants. This will ensure durability of the floors. At the end, there will be final touches such as minor adjustments and inspection.

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