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Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Foot Pain and Alignment Issues

by RaihanGardiner

Foot pain and alignment issues are quite common and these can affect your daily life. So many people experience discomfort in their life due to feet issues. Orthotics is one way that these issues can be addressed.

Custom foot orthotics can support and align your feet depending on what your needs are. There are over-the-counter shoe inserts but with custom orthotics, podiatrists use advanced techniques like biomechanical analysis and 3D scanning to design orthotics that match your feet contours. The orthotics are created after assessing your foot structure, specific conditions and gait. The main reason that many people look for custom orthotics is to alleviate foot pain. Many people tend to have improper arch support and when there are high arches or flat feet, it can put strain on the ligaments and muscles on the feet. With custom orthotics, your arches will have necessary support so that pressure can be distributed evenly reducing pain. A common condition that affects the bottom of the foot and the heel is plantar fasciitis. Cushioning and support can be provided to your feet from custom orthotics so that inflammation and pain can be reduced.

Heel spurs are quite commonly associated

With plantar fasciitis which are basically bony growths on the underside of your heel bone. But when you wear orthotics with cushioning in the heel, pain caused by heel spurs can be alleviated. Pain in the ball of the foot can also be addressed by custom orthotics as it will offer more cushioning and help redistribute pressure. You need to have proper foot alignment for overall musculoskeletal health. And when your feet are misaligned, it can lead to issues in the lower back, hips and knees. Foot alignment can be improved with custom orthotics. Overpronation or supination can be corrected with custom orthotics so that you can have a more efficient gait. These will also help distribute pressure evenly across your foot so that there is no excessive stress placed on certain areas. This will reduce your risk of developing corns, calluses and other foot deformities. Stability is increased by custom orthotics especially if you have weak or unstable ankles. If you are an athlete or you engage in physical activities having custom orthotics can help reduce the risk of injuries.

You can also manage or prevent certain chronic conditions

That affect the lower limbs and feet by wearing custom orthotics. For example, diabetic patients are prone to complications in their feet such as neuropathy and ulcers. With custom orthotics, you will be provided cushioning and protection. Pressure points will be reduced  as well. Pain and deformities in the feet can be caused by arthritis and with custom orthotics, pressure on painful joints can be reduced. Other deformities that can be relieved by orthotics are bunions and hammertoes. These will help relieve pressure on affected areas so that proper foot alignment can be supported. In addition to addressing foot issues, custom orthotics can also improve your quality of life. These will fit the unique shape of your feet so that you will be provided superior comfort.

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