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Benefits of License Plate Recognition System in Parking

by RaihanGardiner

LPR or license plate recognition system has revolutionised traditional parking management systems. And this allows you to increase the efficiency of your parking facility. Choosing the right specialist for LPR solutions is very important as you need to ensure all requirements of your facility are taken into account.

The reason that many businesses turn to the LPR or ANPR system is for automating the processes for entry and exit at the facility. When it comes to the traditional method, access cards or tickets will be used. And this can cause certain issues. For example, these cards or tickets can be lost which can cause a lot of trouble to the clients. But you don’t need to worry about this as LPR offers quick recognition of the vehicle license plates when the vehicle comes close to the entry or exit point. When a vehicle approached the entrance, the license plate information is captured by LPR and this will cross-reference the information with that of the database to check whether to grant access or not. This process will take place in a matter of seconds which can improve the flow of traffic in the facility. There will be no need for long queues and this will be a great convenience for both the clients and the operators.

The security level in a parking facility will also be greatly improved as a result of the LPR system.

This is because the identification process is automated and this will quickly help the system to detect if the vehicle trying to enter is authorised or not. And if there is a security breach, security personnel will be alerted immediately allowing for fast intervention. The system provides real-time monitoring so that potential threats can be easily detected. In the traditional parking system, payment processing is done through access cards and physical tickets. But this system is streamlined as the license plate information is associated with the payment records. You will not need a physical token to enter and exit the parking facility and the fees will be automatically calculated by the LPR system depending on how long you spent at the parking facility. This will reduce the likelihood of errors that come with manual ticketing processes.

There is a lot of data generated by

The LPR systems and you will be able to learn a lot about the parking activities of the facility. Some of the data provided will be the frequency of visits of a customer, their duration of the stay and times for entry and exit. By using this information, decisions can be made on optimising the parking space and coming up with dynamic pricing. You will be able to improve the operational efficiency of the facility due to this and you will be able to quickly respond to a change in parking patterns or customer demands. Operating costs for the parking facility will come down as you can reduce the need for manual labour associated with issuing tickets and verifying entry manually. 

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