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Renovation Tips to Increase Bathroom Storage

by RaihanGardiner

The bathroom is one of the popular renovations carried out in homes. This is a space where functionality and aesthetics are both important. One of the factors to consider when renovating your home is ensuring you have sufficient storage.

You have to evaluate

Your storage situation at the moment to get an idea of the areas for improvement. Think about the items you use regularly such as towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies. You need to have a place for everything in the bathroom. By working with a company specialising in bathroom renovations Rockhampton you can make sure that the design aspect of the renovation is well-thought out. Renovation companies generally have a design team that can help you go over the storage requirements and the aesthetics so that you are able to make your vision a reality. You need to make sure that storage space is increased without compromising the floor area. Wall mounted cabinets that make use of vertical space are ideal for bathrooms as floor area is not reduced. You can consider the aesthetic needed for the bathroom and ensure the style of the cabinets align with this. You can categorise the items you need for the storage so that you can have sufficient space to accommodate everything.

Floating shelves are a great addition to a bathroom as they double as a decorative element.

These can be installed above the toilet or on an empty wall. You can also have floating shelves near the vanity. For decorative use, you can display baskets or folded towels. This will give a welcoming impression to the bathroom. You have to consider the existing design of the bathroom and whether you will be maintaining this or changing it. If you are sticking to the existing design, you will need to select materials that match their aesthetic or style. You can choose materials that have already been used in the bathroom design. Under-sink storage is another option to consider. Many people don’t use the area under the sink properly. You can have sliding trays, pull-out drawers or baskets in this area so that you can organise the items easily. If you have a pedestal sink, you can consider replacing this with a vanity unit that will allow you to have more storage.

Multi-functional furniture can be very useful as you can ensure a stylish bathroom.

You can have furniture pieces that have built-in storage like a storage ladder for towels, benches etc. so that the colour scheme and design of your bathroom is complemented. Another area that is overlooked is the area above the toilet. You can have a storage cabinet or shelves over the toilet to utilise this area. This can be a place to store towels, decorative items or toiletries. You have to check whether the storage complements existing décor so that it blends into the aesthetic well. There are space saving items that you can use such as drawer dividers and tiered organisers so that you can keep items in order. This will help you reduce clutter.

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