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Different Types of Material Handling Equipment

by RaihanGardiner

Managing a warehouse requires skill and the right equipment to handle things more efficiently. Whether it is a simple storehouse or an automated warehouse, there are basic equipment you need to have in order to manage things properly and safely. Here are the different types of material handling equipment you’ll need to have when managing a warehouse.

Storage and Handling

Handling and storing stocks are a basic task in every warehouse. You’ll need to take out stocks from the shelves as well as store new ones into its right places. In a warehouse, these stocks are usually heavy and are stacked high among each other, making it hard to get with just manual labour. This is when you’ll need storage and handling equipment to make the task a lot easier and convenient. Storage equipment refers to the racks, shelves, stacking frames, mezzanines, and other storage solutions you have in the warehouse.

Bulk Material Handling

There are cases when you need to handle bulk materials in its loose form like grains and other similar items. It would be hard to store these items using regular storage solutions. You’ll need specialized material that suits perfectly in handling these bulk materials. You could have a silo to store bulk items and other accessories such as hoppers, conveyor belts, and other equipment that could make the task a lot easier especially when handling these bulk items.

Industrial Trucks

Aside from storage and handling, you’ll also need to transport these items into certain areas where they need to be. It would be taxing for your workers to carry down a huge load of stock down from a rack into somewhere else. Aside from being too heavy, it is also risky for your workers if they do the task manually. This is when industrial trucks are useful.

You could use these vehicles to reach a load even from a high storage area, take it down into the ground or transport it where it is needed. There are plenty of industrial trucks available depending on how you need to use them – from hand trucks, pallet trucks, side loaders, platform trucks, forklifts, and many more. Industrial trucks are a big investment that’s why it is important to trust only the best brands like Taylor Dunn when looking for industrial vehicles.

Engineered Systems

To make your warehouse a lot easier to manage and boost the efficiency of your workers’ daily output, it is important to incorporate engineered systems into your warehouse. This is called warehouse automation. It makes storage and handling of stocks a lot easier and convenient than when it is done manually.

A few examples of engineered systems for a warehouse are conveyor belts, automated storage and retrieval system, and others that suit your warehouse well. This type of material handling equipment can be expensive but it is really worth investing in with all the advantages it has to offer.

Different warehouses require different material handling solutions. Consult and expert first and get to know the system that suits your warehouse needs perfectly.

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