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A 101 Guide on Cleaning Your Living Room

by RaihanGardiner

Your living room is easily the most used space by most your family members, especially during gatherings and family chats! It is where you welcome your guests and it is the happening area of every home. For all such reasons, not only is it important to keep your living neat and tidy at all times, but it is equally important to thoroughly clean it every so often.

And by clean we mean, dusting every corner and organizing each object to keep the space looking fresh and hearty at all times. The dirt of a living can easily builds up and cause several issues including health related ones, if not attend to properly. Keep reading as we give you an insight on how to clean your living room.

Start by Decluttering

Starting your cleaning session be decluttering your items can help your sort out through things that needs to be thrown vs. needs to be kept. It allows you to clean up the room while also giving you a warm up to the deep cleaning session that’s about to take on.

Dust the ceilings and wall corners

Spiders a prone to create webs on the edges of walls especially up close to the ceilings. These webs could often go unnoticed by us which only leads the webs to become bigger and dirties due to all the dust and debris along with it. Therefore, look in the ceilings and wall corners to ensure you’ve cleared all formed webs and dirt.

Clean the frames and ornaments

Like every other part of our home, ornaments and photo frames tend to collect dust. Due to the fact that we hardly use such items on a day-to-day basis, the dust tends to form in thick layers. Using a spray cleaner or a wet cloth can help you clean such items better. Remember to clean such items with care as they’re often fragile objects.

Clean the rugs and upholstery

Your living room furniture and rugs is something that never goes unused.  If ignored and not cleaned, they can pollute the air while also emitting odour due to the collection and forming of bacteria. While you can vacuum them often it is also best to seek professional help to give it an overall clean every now and then. If you’re in Sydney rug cleaners and couch cleaners are easily available.

Dust the window sills

Using a glass cleaner, we often clean down the windows, however do we remember to clean the window sills that equally collect the dust and debris over time? Sometimes such edges collect cobwebs too when ignored for too long. So, make it a habit to clean the edges of your window in order to give it that clean and sparkling look.

A few other things you need to remember when it comes to cleaning your living room is the bookshelves, light lamps and chandeliers as well as the vacuuming and mopping the floor. A healthy space is often a clean one.

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