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Features to Look for in a Flow Wrapper Machine

by RaihanGardiner

There are many industries that use the horizontal flow wrapper machine and it can optimise efficiency and ensure the quality of packaging protecting the goods inside. There are certain features that can be quite useful to consider when you are investing in a flow wrapper machine for your business.

You need to check whether the horizontal flow pack machine offers a high level of versatility in packaging. The machine should be able to package a variety of products in different sizes and goods. There can be different types of goods as well. When you have a machine that can adapt to varying specifications, it is easier to ensure flexibility in your production line and maintain efficiency as well. You also need to check with the supplier whether the flow wrapper machine has the ability to adjust its speed. This way, you can ensure optimum performance. You have to check whether the machine you are considering has variable speed controls so that you can match the speed of production based on the requirements of each product in your business. This is a great way to reduce waste and the machine will not be overworking in situations where slower speeds are required.

There has to be a user-friendly interface

So that it is easier for staff members to learn how to use it. Check whether the changeover processes of the machine are easy as well. When there is quick changeover, the production line will be able to transition from one product to another without causing delays. There should be clear displays and intuitive controls in the machine. And check how long it takes to set up the machine when you change between products. The sealing mechanism has to be considered as this is what affects the integrity of the goods within. You have to assess the quality of this mechanism to see whether you are able to obtain reliable seals every time. This will preserve the safety and the freshness of the packaged goods contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction. It will also minimise waste as you don’t need to repackage the goods. Another factor to check is the type of the packaging film used and its quality. This will affect the cost-effectiveness of the process and overall efficiency.

The flow wrapper machine

Should be compatible with different types of films so that you can choose packaging ills with different thicknesses, materials and different properties for optimising the process. There are advanced control systems in modern flow wrapper machine machines such as programmable logic controllers, touch screen displays and real time monitoring. These features are instrumental in streamlining the operation. You will be able to make decisions based on actual data which will help control the quality of the process as well. The machine should be reliable and durable so that it can be used for a long time. You will need to check whether it is made from robust materials and good craftsmanship.

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