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Guide to Lightbox Signage

by RaihanGardiner

There are so many different signage types when it comes to standing out in the work of business and retail. One such option is lightbox signage and this allows businesses to catch the attention of potential customers.

There are professional signwriters Melbourne that specialise in lightbox signage. This type of signage is generally used in areas with low light. The internal lighting of this signage ensures higher visibility. There is a translucent face to this signage and you can include logos, promotional messages or graphics on this. The internal lighting is generally from LEDs and this will capture the eye of any passer-by. There are certain types of lightboxes and when choosing one for your business, you need to consider your requirements and aesthetic preferences. Single sided lightboxes will provide illumination on one side only so you can use these for wall mounted application.

Visibility will only be considered from one direction only. But you can have illumination on both sides when it comes to double sided lightboxes. These are generally used for hanging signs or pylons. There are signs where the LEDs are places around the edges and these are called edge lit lightboxes. This can be used for indoor applications. If you are looking for a sign where you want to take the graphics easily, you can use snap frame lightboxes as these come with a snap-open frame. You can easily update promotional graphics this way. There are also backlit lightboxes where the LED will be placed behind the graphic and this allows for even illumination.

There are many benefits of using lightbox signage

The enhanced visibility is the main reason that businesses are using this. So even if you have low light conditions, your store will be able to attract attention. It has a vibrant appearance and therefore it is easier for a lit up sign to naturally attract attention. This is an effective tool for brand visibility. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to lightbox design. You can display your branding and promotional messages in a creative way using this. This can be quite cost-effective as well because lightbox signage tends to be quite durable and you can also reuse them by changing the promotional message or branding from time to time. There is a lot of space for customisation as you can change the shape, size and the lighting options. This allows you to align with your marketing objectives easily.

There are certain factors you have to consider when it comes to the design of a lightbox

You need to ensure the colours, fonts and logos used are consistent and aligns with the visual identity of your brand. The fonts and the message should be legible so that somebody can easily read what is on the signage even from a distance. You can use contrast to ensure the message stands out. This can work out in your favour especially if your business is located in a busy environment. Make sure to use high resolution graphics to increase the effectiveness and professionalism of the signage.

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