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How to Select a Bedside Table

by RaihanGardiner

A bedside table is essential for a bedroom. While you may not notice its function so much compared to the main element in the bedroom which is the bed itself, you will not have a place to keep your phone and other essentials if it wasn’t for the bedside table. This will be where you are charging your phone, keeping some essential skincare and medicine.

When selecting a bedside table, you first need to consider the size. It should be proportional to the size of the bed and the overall size of the bedroom. If the bedside table is too large, it will overwhelm the room and steal attention off of other elements. There has to be a careful balance that has to be reached when you choose the size of the bedside table. Something you need to measure when selecting a bedside table is the height. This should be more or less similar to the height of your bed so that you will find it easier to reach for the items on it from the bed. So measure the height to the top of the mattress from the floor and check out the dimensions given for the bedside table under bedroom furniture Townsville on online websites.

The main function of a bedside table is storage. You first need to lay out all the items you need close to you on the bed. These will be items that you use before sleeping and just after waking up. You can also have some additional space for books and magazines. Some bedside tables come with open shelves while others come with drawers or doors. Having closed storage can be beneficial as you can hide clutter without it affecting the organisation of the room. Personal items can be kept in the drawers as well. There are different styles of bedside tables that you can choose from. A simple bedside table can suit so many bedroom styles.

While your bedside table doesn’t always need to match the bed perfectly, you still need to make sure it is of a style that complements the room. So if you have a primarily modern design for the bedroom, you can select something minimal for the bedside table. The material, colour and design of the bedside table have to be considered. Ornate designs will go well with a traditional style bedroom. Think about what you will be doing on the bed and how the bedside table can be used to assist the activities. For example, if you are used to reading in bed, you can keep a bedside lamp and a book or two on it. But you need to make sure that the size of the bedside table is enough to keep these items. You can also choose a bedside table that comes with a built-in charging station so that you are not looking at the clutter of so many charging cables. Durability is another factor you need to look for when selecting a bedside table. It should be able to withstand the weight of items you are storing in it and be made of high quality materials so that it lasts a long time.

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