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How to Select a Ladies Polo Shirt

by RaihanGardiner

Women’s polo shirts are quite popular and despite the contrary, they can be worn in so many different ways than just sports chic. These are similar to men’s polo shirts but you will find a lot of variety in colours, patterns etc.

And size is no barrier to choosing a polo shirt. You can find plus size polo shirts in online retailers. You can also message them to get an idea of the size chart. Polo shirts are incredibly versatile and they are comfortable as well. They can be worn in summer weather as a casual look or worn in a more business style as well. There is a simplicity to the polo shirt that allows you to experiment with different accessories and outfits to dress it up or down as required. The characteristics of a polo shirt are the short sleeves, lightweight fabric and a small number of fasteners. Over time, the sleeves and the collar will lose their crispness which are signature characteristics of the polo shirt. A smaller collar that sits up and looks crisp is a better option. And high quality options will not wear out so fast in the sleeves and the colour. When choosing a sleeve length, make sure your bicep and tricep are not covered. Otherwise, it will make the arms look too skinny.

The standard fabric for polo shirts is dense cotton and it provides great breathability which is a plus in the summer. And cotton is very durable so this shirt can last you a very long time. The collar is not just there for aesthetics. It is there to protect your neck from the midday sun and it also gives a very sporty look to the shirt. The sleeves generally fit the biceps for a more graceful silhouette and It imparts a sense of athleticism to anyone. Only go for wider sleeves if you have larger biceps. While the classic colours are still in style, you can find a variety of bolder colours that can help you experiment with different occasions. You can leave a polo tucked or untucked; though many prefer to leave it untucked. Look for moisture wicking technology when you are choosing a polo shirt. It should come with dry stretch pique fabric. Look for the UV rating on it as well. The moisture wicking technology ensures that sweat is moved away from the body keeping you dry in the hot summer. And a stretchy shirt will ensure your movements are not restricted.

There are performance stretch polo shirts that are great for sports. Look for shirts that have anti-static performance, anti-odour and anti-microbial properties. These are great for everyday clothing that is maintenance free. A tailored collar will give you a more graceful fit as well. If sustainability is important to you, there are certain brands that use recycled and repurposed materials for their polos. There are also polo shirts made of heat dry fabric that will help you regulate body temperature. There are also soft cotton polo shirts that are very comfortable on the skin. If you want extra coverage, you can select a polo shirt with a shaped hem.

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