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Different Types of Tactical Pens

by RaihanGardiner

Pens are of different types. Out of all those types of pens tactical pens hold a significant place. Because a tactical pen is not just another pen, but also a self-defence tool as well. These pens come with a lot of benefits. In case of an emergency, you could shatter a car window, open bottles and even smash someone at the face for self-defence.

So, it is always better to carry a tactical pen with you, because you never know when an emergency pops up. When opting to buy a tactical pen there are few features you should look into. The main feature is the material of the pen. You should make sure it is tough and can endure a hard impact. Materials like aluminium and titanium are the best fits out of all those materials.

The other feature to be concerned of is the design of the pen. It should be well designed in order to prevent it from slipping from the hand. You could also select between a twist or screw-cap pen as your preference. You could also look into other features like a screwdriver, a bottle opener and even a LED light. Now we will go through few of the main types of tactical pens which can be seen in the market.

The atomic bear SWAT tactical pen

This is a special type of pen where it is a writing pen and a glass breaker all in one. It is great for writing as it possesses a good glass breaker tip and is one of the best tactical pens. It’s a great window breaker pen, which has the capability of breaking a car window in one go. It is also a good self-defence tool because the tip is capable of injuring an attacker in case of an emergency.

Gerber gear Impromptu tactical pen

This is another significant type of tactical pen which can be used to shatter car windows and to protect yourselves from attackers. This particular glass breaker tip is made of tempered steel, which has the ability to break anything easily. This pen also has a chain of cuts to increase the grip, so it fits the hand perfectly. This tactical pen possesses the push-button mechanism which makes it more stylish. But these pens are known to be a bit expensive compared with the other pens.

TF takeflight tactical pen

These takeflight tactical pens are considered to be one of the top tactical pens. These have a flashlight, bottle opener and screwdriver which is a perfect combination in case of an emergency. The flashlight these pens possess has the capability of blind an attacker for few mins and it is also bright enough to light up the room for some extent in the dark. These types of pens also come in handy in parties to open bottles with the bottle opener.

So, these are few of the main types of tactical pens which can be seen in the market. It is always better to have a tactical pen with you, because it will help you in numerous ways.

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