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How to Select the Right Colour for Swimwear

by RaihanGardiner

When choosing swimwear one of the decisions you need to make is the colour of the swimsuit. Your personal style will come into this. But you have to decide which colours will enhance the overall look and give a boost to your confidence.

When selecting swimsuits,

You have to make sure to check out options by various retailers so that you have a good idea of your options when it comes to styles, colours, patterns and price ranges. This will allow you to compare styles as well. Your skin tone is a big consideration when it comes to choosing the right colour swimwear. Different colours tend to complement different skin tones. If you have fair skin, pastel shades such as pale blues and soft pinks will look great on your skin. If you want to create contrast, you can choose bright and bold colours. For those with light to medium skin, there is a range of colours that can be selected such as deep red, sapphire blue and emerald green bikini. These are jewel tones and these will look amazing on these skin tones.

If you have tan or olive skin,

You can look for earth tones such as terracotta, olive green and deep turquoise. Also, certain bright colours such as lemon and coral will also look amazing. On dark skin, bright colours such as deep purples and fiery red can look stunning. You will also be able to pull off pastels and earthy tones. Consider the colour of your hair as well when selecting the colour for the swimwear. You can choose colours that harmonise with your hair colour so that the overall look is cohesive. If you have blonde hair, colours that will suit you are pastel shades such as white, soft blues and pastel pinks. If you are a brunette, you can consider deep colours like navy blue, deep green and burgundy. For redheads, earthy tones will be great and you can wear rich brown or forest green. If you have grey or silver hair, metallic colours will look best on you such as silver and deep purple.

Your style and personality will also have an effect on the colour.

If you are looking for an elegant look, neutral colours such as white, black, charcoal grey and navy will be ideal. For a bolder look, you can go for vibrant colours such as electric blue and hot pink. Earthy tones and pastels will give a relaxed look while you can choose lively colours such as yellow or turquoise for a playful twist. Think about your favourite colours as well when you choose a swimsuit as this is what will give you joy when you are wearing it. If you have a favourite colour, you will instantly feel more confident wearing it whether it suits your skin tone or not. So while you can use the instructions given above as a guide, don’t let it stop you from wearing your favourite colours.

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