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Self-Ordering Tips for Restaurants

by RaihanGardiner

Self-ordering kiosks have grown up every day at fast food and fast casual restaurants from place to place in the world in recent years. Independent restaurants, on the other hand, have been significantly more uncertain and delayed to accept this type of self-serve technology than the Paneras and McDonald’s of the globe.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the news, independent industries are reassessing their self-ordering kiosks. What was previously seen to be an exclusive and unpleasant piece of equipment is now recognized as a cost-effective method to cut face-to-face contact while also keeping guests safe from the coronavirus.

Even in full-service eateries where kiosks may not appear to be a natural fit, the technology is being used to simplify takeout requests and minimize face-to-face contact with workers.

And security isn’t the only advantage. Self-ordering kiosks also have aided restaurants in reducing wait times, improving order correctness, and, most crucially, increasing check sizes – all of which are advantages that almost every restaurant can take advantage of.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the factors that have contributed to the recent restaurant kiosk surge, including:

What is a Self-Ordering Kiosk?

A self-ordering kiosk, as the name suggests, allows customers to order and pay for their meals independently — similar to a modern vending machine, but for meals.

These devices typically include a touch screen (often a tablet) with a user-friendly digital interface. This screen will show the restaurant’s menu and walk clients through the purchasing procedure, from creating their own dish to paying for it and picking it up.

The kiosk can also offer prompts with various promotions or menu modifiers as the consumer constructs their order, which diners may not be aware of otherwise. These are only some of the reasons why you should get a self order system for your restaurant.

Why Are Self-Ordering Kiosks Increasing in Popularity?

Self-ordering kiosks aren’t technically new, as previously stated. Many big chain restaurants had already installed self-ordering kiosks prior to the epidemic and had immediately found some success with the technology. McDonald’s claims that locations that installed kiosks had a 5 percent to 6 percent increase in revenue. Chili’s also saw a 20 percent spike in dessert sales after it put self-ordering kiosks to its tables.

Change in consumer behaviour are mostly to blame for the increase in sales. Customers have grown accustomed to the suitability and speed of online procuring and are gradually expecting the same degree of control, choice, and personalization while dining out. Restaurant kiosks are particularly built to give a speedier and more customized ordering experience, allowing you to get your food faster and more customized.

It isn’t just the tech-savvy Millennials who want more control over their eating experience. Consumers of all ages were willing to use self-ordering kiosks, according to a Tillster survey. In fact, 65 percent of those consumers stated they would frequent a restaurant more frequently if self-service kiosks were available, with 30% preferring to order from a self-ordering kiosk over a cashier if the waits are equal.

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