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Tips for Selecting a Toy for a Toddler

by RaihanGardiner

Selecting a toy can be a huge challenge as there are so many options on the market. There are physical toy stores and online toy shops and your options will be unlimited. And when you are selecting a toy for a toddler, you need to consider something more than just entertainment; you need to think about how that toy will help their development skills.

Early childhood is a time when your toddler is learning so many new things.

And what you expose them to can go a long way towards building their character and getting them more acquainted with the world. And sometimes, your toddler will gravitate towards one toy more than another for a while. They will go from one toy to another as long as their curiosity has been satisfied. When choosing a toy, you need to think a little deeper instead of going for momentary joy. There are many things that a child can learn from a toy including physical skills, thinking, social skills, language and emotional skills. Make sure to select toys that can be used in multiple ways instead of just one single way. One example of a toy like this is building blocks. These can be used in so many different ways to make a lot of items. You can get involved in playtime and build a zoo or a road or a railroad allowing them to take part as well. You can also use a toy that can be used with water or sand. This allows them to understand different textures and how different materials behave.

The world is a new and exciting place for a toddler and everything can ignite their curiosity.

You can choose a toy that can grow along with your child instead of a toy that will hold their attention for only a day or two. You also need to understand their preferences and skills in order to select this. Dolls, plastic animals and small plastic cars can be things that they can use in a variety of ways. You can use these items to improve their skill with storytelling. When you are reading out a story to them, you can have the doll or one of the animals act out a part. You can even use a funny voice for different characters to hold the attention of your child. It is experiences such as this that inform their view of the world.

Problem solving is a good skill for a child to have and you can help them improve this by giving them a toy that essentially poses a problem to them. This can be a puzzle or some nesting block where they need to find the order. You can also give them art supplies whether it is clay, finger paints, water colours etc. for them to explore their imagination. They can try making small figurines out of clay and they will slowly realize that the clay figure can be kept stable in certain positions only. This can help them improve their logical thinking skills.

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