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Top Mistakes to Avoid During a BBQ

by RaihanGardiner

If you want to make the perfect grilled meat, here are a couple of mistakes you should avoid completely!

Not Oiling the Grill

Your grill, irrespective if the type, needs to be oiled thoroughly. Even the cleanest, shiniest grills could still cause the meat to stick on them, which should not keep happening during your cook. Thus, always make sure the grill is oiled. Simply soak a paper towel in oil and rub the cooking grates before you turn the grill on.

No Preheating the Grill

Not many of us take this part seriously, but preheating the grill is highly recommended by experts for many reasons. The key thing, however, is that pre heating helps kill any bacteria on it. This in fact, is important especially when you will be using the same grill over and over again. No matter how well you’ve cleaned the grill after the last time you used it, pre heating will make sure any debris disappears for good. 

Overloading the Grill

A key to well cooked meat is giving it just enough breathing space while it is sitting on the grill. Thus, putting too many pieces on the grill and not spacing them out can lead to poorly cooked meat. Instead, divide the whole lot into batches and cook each, one at a time. By looking at the size of your grill you should be able to figure out the ideal number of pieces that could go on it at a time. 

Pouring Water on the Grill

Many tend to make this mistake, and it is one of the top things that must be avoided. The best thing you could do when you notice that the grill is too hot is to cover it using a lid. This will prevent any more oxygen getting into it and the flames will reduce gradually. 

Not Using a Thermometer

The temperature on the outside and inside are both super important if you want the meat to be cooked well. The only possible way to check on these temperatures is by using a meat thermometer. It’s never going to be a waste investing in one of these, especially if you’d be throwing BBQ parties frequently. Guessing the temperatures during an outdoor BBQ is tricky, and so a thermometer surely would be super helpful!

Mistakes with the Sauces

Putting the sauce on BBQ meat is an art you ought to master! Thus, putting the wrong sauce at the wrong time can ruin it all just like that! Experts suggest that you pour the sauce only once the meat is off the grill to prevent crystallizing and other effects. Also, when it is the first time you are trying special sauces such as pulled pork sauces for instance, make sure you know how it should be used on the meat to get the best outcome!

Not Leaving Your Meat to Rest

Cutting into smoking hot meat that’s straight off the grill will cause all the liquids to ooze out. The secret to a great flavour is to allow the juices to distribute inside the meat. Thus, you would let it rest once it has come off the grill, preferably covered in foil, for 10 minutes or so before you can start slicing it.

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