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Upgrade or outsource your cleaning services– how to make the better choice?

by RaihanGardiner

The degree of cleanliness is absolutely important generally in any place; in offices, that requirement is much higher. To protect the health of the clients and the employees, the reputation of the company, and also to fulfill the legal requirements, cleanliness is a mandatory requirement.

But there comes a time when you should either upgrade your cleaning service or outsource the operations. In this read, we’re going to help you make the best decision.

Compare and contrast the equipment cost

Cleaning is one of the activities whose effectiveness heavily depends on the type of equipment used. Thus, if you are to expect an increment in the quality of the cleaning services, you need to equip your cleaning staff with suitable cleaning equipment. That’s not enough; you should also remember that the staff knows that the cleaning equipment was company property.

This basically hints that they know they won’t be necessarily held accountable for the quicker wearing off the equipment because they’re meant to wear off. On the flip side, you should also know that cleaning equipment in the 2020s is anything but cheap.

Balance the employee salaries and benefits and the level of work they do

Whether it was an executive or a person from the cleaning staff, there will be all sorts of benefits in addition to the basic salary that they receive. But is it really worth it when compared to the designated workload they need to handle? This is quite a complicated question at the first sight but looks simple with the variables you choose.

For example, if three people are designated to clean a floor, you should assess whether the same job can be practically done by one cleaner. Because after all, paying thrice as the actual cost to clean is a notable waste of resources.

Have a discussion with a reputed and relatable cleaning company

The use of carpeted floors is one of the most common practices in the commercial context. But whether it was a residential need or a commercial need regarding the timely cleanliness of rugs or carpets or even the general cleanliness of the entire space with a reputed cleaning company is not a tactical approach. After all, you’re still in the stage of discussions.

After disclosing the average area to be cleaned with any of the special requests, you’d be able to have two sets of documents on your hand; the costs and benefits of upgrading your cleaning services and outsourcing.

Deploy a test run a few times

Every single time, you would see how outsourcing is the best option to go for. In fact, this is what most of the high-end companies that run on bigger buildings do; it gives them a cleaner office every single morning. But if you’re still on the fence for a permanent commitment, all you need to do is let them do the magic a few times. Once you realize the kind of splendid deal you’re getting, you’ll switch to outsourcing for sure.

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