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What Is the Best Wall Light for Your Home?

by RaihanGardiner

Gone are the days when we think lights exist just to provide us lighting because various designs of light sources also serve a decorative purpose and to complement the visual aesthetic that we are trying to achieve in our homes. One type of light source that serves both purposes are wall lights.

Wall lights are stylish and a good source of encompassing and accent lighting. They could also serve as area lighting for a reading nook or a workstation if these both areas are in a part of your home that you share with a family member who would not want to be disturbed when you are reading or working late in the evening by a strong light.

So, the question now is, what is the best wall light for your walls? To answer that, it is best that you know the various types of wall lights first.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are light fixtures mounted in walls. Most homeowners install them in corridors, entrance halls, and bedrooms since they free up nightstand space or if there is no room for a floor lamp or a desk lamp. They could also be found in bathrooms flanking the mirrors, sinks and vanity tables not only for decorative element but to provide additional lighting when one is doing their make up or other before bedtime routine. Wall sconces also lowkey act as accent pieces since they come in a various design and styles.

Picture lights

Despite how it is called, picture lights are not only used to illuminate pictures or artworks that you want to draw attention to, although they are especially designed for that purpose. Picture lights could also serve as target task lights and are installed over a table or a kitchen island or a reading nook. Picture lights are a type of industrial wall lighting installed in series for a more dramatic effect.

Swing arm light

Homeowners who prefer more flexibility when it comes to their wall light, a swing arm light is the best option since this type of light could be pulled away from the wall and could be swung from one direction to the opposite.

Its malleability is perfect for a home office or workstation or reading nook, to provide a direct light for you no matter where you would want or prefer to sit. You would not need to worry about desk space either. Swing arm lights come in various designs as well and you would not run out of options if you want them to serve as accent pieces as well.

When planning to install your wall light, find the ideal spot by considering the spacing (if you are planning to mount successive wall lights) and height from the ceiling and the floor. You also need to keep in mind the size and style of the wall light you want to mount and how big or small the room is. Ideally, you would not want the light source to glare at you. And if you want a more subdued lighting, you might want to install the lights apart from one another or on a higher height.

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