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Your Guide to Laxative Teas

by RaihanGardiner

Laxative Tea comprises of various herbs compared to the normal tea consumed.  It has become an increasingly consumed by many around the world due to its key benefits of shedding pounds and detoxifying our bodies. A single cup of tea each day can aid in the proper working of our hearts as well as bowel motion regulation.

Alfalfa Tea

Alfalfa is high in calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and G. It also includes a lot of dietary fibre and chlorophyll. Alfalfa tea is used in countries all over the world to heal ulcers, digestive difficulties, renal problems, arthritis, and other ailments. This tea keeps your health system running in good condition.

Bael Fruit Tea

The sweet, tangy, and fragrant aroma of the Bael Fruit is well-known. Nutrients like Vitamin B, as well as minerals like calcium, potassium, and fibre, are found abundant in Bael fruits. This tea is popular because it lowers cholesterol levels, fights infections (because to its antimicrobial characteristics), and relieves constipation. Consuming Bael tea mixed with a little butter or ghee also helps to prevent heart diseases and control blood sugar levels.

Elderflower Tea

Elderflower is an herb often used as an antiseptic capable of removing harmful bacteria and diminishing allergies. This herb is recognized for its strong antioxidant and Vitamin C content, both of which are beneficial to our immune system. If you need laxative tea to help keep you fit and healthy, Elderflower is great as it aids in the treatment of flu and respiratory problems.

It’s easy to overlook how the tea makes you feel because elderflowers taste so wonderful and have so many advantages. Elderflower can be used to soothe and relax your minds because it offers calming nervine qualities that help your nervous system cope with stress.

Turkish Rhubarb Tea

Turkish Rhubarb is a Calcium-rich compound having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. This type of tea is good for those who suffer with frequent constipation and bowel problems. Frequent drinking of this Laxative tea will help you in cleansing your colon from bacteria, weight loss, maintaining healthy skin and lowers your cholesterol level.

Roasted Chicory Root Tea

This tea is produced from the Chicory root which has a similar flavour to coffee. Chicory is rich in Vitamins A, C, B, K and P.Chicory is used to treat for indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite and gallbladder problems.

You may use it not only as a delightful, alternative to coffee, but you can also add it to your breakfast drink by blending it with coffee grounds. Chicory coffee is a New Orleans favourite made from roasted chicory root rather than coffee beans. It’s also popular in many other countries throughout the world, such as France and India.

Senna Leaf Tea

Senna Tea is made from the leaves of the Senna plant. The plant’s leaves and fruit are used to produce medicine. Senna leaves, flowers, and fruits have been used as a laxative and stimulant in tea for many years. This laxative promotes significant and rapid weight loss. Senna tea should be taken before going to bed, and it usually takes 6-12 hours to act. This herb should not be taken for more than a week at a time, as it can slow bowel moment if taken frequently.

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