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What To Consider When Leasing a Refrigerated Truck? 5 Ultimate Tips

by RaihanGardiner

Are you on the fence about leasing a refrigerated truck? Taking the leap would be a good idea. You’d have complete control, as you won’t have to rely on a transport company again. But there are many points to consider. They will make sure you get the best truck possible.

Read ahead.

1.      Temperature Range

Different refrigerated trucks come with different temperature ranges. Research the specific model you are planning on leasing.

Make a list of the specific type of items that you will be transporting. You’ll be able to figure out the exact temperature range that you’ll need.

Depending on the vehicle’s temperature range, how much fuel you will be using will come into play too.

2.      A Good Dealer

Whenever buying any vehicle, you need to work with a trustworthy dealer. Shop around. This will minimize the chances of working with someone who will charge hidden fees and bad after care. Usually, working with the biggest names in the game would be the best. Also, speak to others in the industry and ask them who they bought or leased their trucks from.

3.      The Right Price

Of course, the truck’s price is important. If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have that big of a budget. You will be better off purchasing a second-hand option.

If possible, ask a friend in the industry for help. You might not know if you’re spending too much otherwise. Forums would be a good place to learn about how much would be the right amount to spend too.

4.      Fuel Efficiency

No surprise, trucks consume a lot of fuel. Their size gives this away. But depending on the model and manufacturer you buy from; you may end up with a truck that doesn’t use that much fuel.

Many commercial refrigerated trucks come with excellent insulation. This means not much fuel will be wasted. Look for sellers that specifically advertise great insulation.

5.      The Right Size

What you are going to transport not only will influence your temperature range, but also your truck’s size.

A bigger model would have a higher lease. You would be wasting cash if you aren’t going to utilize all of its space. It might be a good idea to go for something smaller. The larger the vehicle, the more fuel it will use too. Ask yourself whether this will be very economical.

Remember that refrigerated trucks are harder to manoeuvre than their van counterparts. Your staff might not be able to drive it if it’s especially big too.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that was discussed, what do you think? There are several factors to consider when leasing (or even buying) a refrigerated truck. The most important would be making sure that the vehicle comes with a proper temperature range for your needs.

It also needs to be big enough to store the goods that you need. Of course, it shouldn’t be too big, as it would be harder to drive then.

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