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Importance of Tracking Foot Traffic in a Retail Store

by RaihanGardiner

Foot traffic is one of the most essential factors in a retail store. If you have a physical store, you’ll need people to come into your store and shop. The more people you attract in your store, the more you could sell. When these customers have a great shopping experience in your shop, most likely they will also recommend you to their circle, gaining you more potential customers in the long run.

Tracking foot traffic in your store gives you more insight on how to run your store to increase foot traffic and earn even more. It would also help you plan your schedules and promotions at times when foot traffic is at its peak.

There are different ways to track foot traffic in a retail store – from surveillance cameras, clicker counting, sales data, and traffic tracking software. Look for a foot traffic tracker that suits your business and store type to get accurate results and better analysis.

Read along and learn more about the importance of tracking foot traffic in retail stores and even other businesses.

Gain More Insight on Customer Shopping Behaviour

When you track foot traffic in your store, you get to know more about your customers and their shopping behaviour. There are plenty of essential information you could get by tracking foot traffic. You get to learn what days and hours your store gets busy, how long do people stay in your shop before making a purchase, the conversion rate, and many more. All of these data can be used to plan out your shop schedules and make the most of every promotion or activity to gain more sales.

Make Better Decisions

Knowing more about your customers’ shopping behaviour can help you a lot in making better decisions for your store. You get to plan out your inventory properly, plan an effective product placement in your store, when to plan sales and other promotions that would reach more people, create better marketing strategies, and many more. All of those will help you decide better for your store and push it to grow and improve.

Better Understanding of External Factors

Lastly, with a foot traffic tracker, you get to understand the other external factors that affect the foot traffic to your store. In retail industry, there are times when foot traffic declines at a certain point. This can be caused by a lot of external factors and not just your store itself. It could be that the weather or season isn’t favourable that people just want to stay in their homes.

Sometimes, it could be the typical pattern in that area such as rush hour and the distance of your shop to other establishments. There are also times when people rush to a place due to a local event, which in turn increases foot traffic to your store as well. All of these factors affect the rate of foot traffic to your store and could either increase or decrease your sales.

Tracking foot traffic might not seem so important but you could actually gain a lot of advantages from it that would help you manage your store a lot better.

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